Yutao Tang – Group

We are always looking to recruit self-motivated and creative students with a solid background in engineering, computer science, or mathematics. If you are interested in pursuing an undergraduate thesis or a master's degree in our group, email me for details.

Current Students

Huaihui Liu 

Huaihui Liu (刘怀徽)
Master Student, 2020 –
Topic: TBD
Email: 18810778202@163.com

Yue Zhang 

Yue Zhang (张越)
Master Student (co-supervised), 2019 –
Topic: TBD
Email: 18548148885@163.com

Jin Zhang 

Jin Zhang (张晋)
Master Student (co-supervised), 2019 –
Topic: Issues related to computer vision
Email: jinzhang@bupt.edu.cn

Kui Zhu 

Kui Zhu (朱奎)
Master Student, 2019 –
Topic: Issues related to distributed optimization
Email: kuizhu_19@bupt.edu.cn

Fan Chen 

Fan Chen (陈凡) [URL]
Master Student, 2018 –
Topic: Deep learning for ECG classification
Email: bupt_chenfan@bupt.edu.cn

Graduated Students

Hao Zhu 

Hao Zhu (朱浩)
M.S., 2017 – 2020
Thesis: Distributed optimization for high-order multi-agent systems                               
Achievements: 4 conference papers and 1 journal paper
Following Position: Didi Chuxing