Yutao Tang


Yutao Tang (唐于涛 )
Professor, Ph.D.
School of Artificial Intelligence
Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications

Room 307, Innovation Building
No.10, Xitucheng Road, Beijing, China
Email: yttang@bupt.edu.cn
Mobile: +(86) 152-1098-2909
Official page: http://teacher.bupt.edu.cn/yttang

Research Interests

Nonlinear Control;  Distributed Optimization;  Mobile Robotics;  Machine Learning

Recent News

  • Presentation on hierachical design method for multi-agent optimal coordination problem at the 7th Symposium of Chinese Nonlinear Systems and Control, October 27, 2023.

  • Online presentation on distributed decision-making and control at the 44th AI forum of BUPT, October 25, 2023.

  • Journal paper co-authored with R. Li, Y. Zhang, and S. Li on positive consensus accepted by Journal of the Franklin Institute, October 6, 2023: Observer-based leader-following consensus for positive multi-agent systems over time-varying graphs.

  • A new book (in Chinese) entitled “Optimal Consensus Algorithms for Uncertain High-order Multi-agent Systems” published by BUPT Press, August, 2023.

  • Conference paper co-authored with Y. Zhang on variational inequalities accepted by the 8th International Conference on Network Intelligence and Digital Content (IC-NIDC), July 6, 2023: Distributed projection algorithm for solving variational inequalities.

  • Invited session on “Advances in Co-design of Decision-making and Control” and two submissions accepted at the 42nd Chinese Control Conference (CCC), Tianjin, July, 2023.