Yutao Tang


Yutao Tang ( 唐于涛 )
Associate Professor, Ph.D.
School of Artificial Intelligence
Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications

Room 307, Innovation Building
No.10, Xitucheng Road, Beijing, China
Email: yttang@bupt.edu.cn
Mobile: +(86) 152-1098-2909
Official page: http://teacher.bupt.edu.cn/yttang

Research Interests

Nonlinear Control;  Distributed Optimization;  Mobile Robotics;  Machine Learning

Recent News

  • Journal paper co-authored with D. Wang on neural network based optimal coordination accepted by International Journal of Robust and Nonlinear Control, June 19, 2022: Neural-network-based constrained optimal coordination for heterogeneous uncertain nonlinear multi-agent systems.

  • Presentation online on our recent progess on distributed Nash equilibrium seeking at the 13th Asian Control Conference (ASCC), May 06, 2022.

  • Journal paper co-authored with P. Yi, Y. Zhang, and D. Liu on Nash equilibrium seeking accepted by Autonomous Intelligent Systems, April 05, 2022: Nash equilibrium seeking over directed graphs.

  • Invited session on “Cooperative Control and Optimization with Uncertainties” and a conference paper accepted at the 41st Chinese Control Conference (CCC), Hefei, July, 2022: Solving linear equations with disturbance rejection.

  • Conference paper on distributed Nash equilibrium seeking accepted at the 13th Asian Control Conference (ASCC), Jeju Island, May, 2022: Distributed Nash equilibrium seeking algorithms for uncertain linear multi-agent systems.

  • Journal paper co-authored with K. Zhu accepted by Journal of Systems Science and Complexity, January 26, 2022: Primal-dual varepsilon-subgradient method for distributed optimization.